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Unleashing the power of fun in design for over a decade.

Because serious faces make for boring interfaces. Currently leading experiences at Moj by ShareChat.


Building products that users love.



Providing guidance and mentorship to designers & startups, especially in the areas of branding & design.


Design sprint

Facilitating design sprints to help teams rapidly prototype and test product ideas.


Design workshop

Workshops to help businesses and individuals think creatively and come up with innovative solutions.

User Speak

Engage & Educate

Writes engaging Blogs & Talks on Research, User Experience, and Product Design

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Simplifying complexity through thoughtful design.


What my clients & friends
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As an employee

Over 2 years working with us, Sid contributed significantly into how we shape our product. Willing to go above and beyond, never fear from taking feedback and work relentlessly. Sid is dedicated professional and a pleasure to work with.

Quan Pham

Founder · PI.Exchange

As a Founder @HelloFello

I've known Sid both professionally as a colleague and personally as a friend. The most unique thing (i bet it is rare too) about Sid is that he does not think out of the box. For him, there is no box. There is a sphere, a pyramid maybe....What i mean is that, creativity is shapeless, and i dont know anyone who knows this better than Sid!!

Shivani Ohol

HR Manager

As an Founder @ HelloFello

I worked with Sid and the Hello Fello team on a product through the second half of 2019. What I appreciated the most about the process was that we spent as much time discussing requirements as we spent designing the product. The approach was meticulous and highly collaborative. Client engagement was also top priority with them and heavy research ensured the team was always adding value to the process on a daily basis.

I would recommend anyone looking for UI/UX solutions to get in touch with Sid and the Hello Fello team and have a conversation about your products - with the team, it's always about adding value while at the same time, being sensitive towards your budgets.

I wish Sid and the team all the very best for all their future endeavours.

Prateek Malladi

Founder · Excrusee

As a Founder @HelloFello

I worked with Siddartha for over 2 years. During the course of time i personally learned a lot of things from him, be it his approach of looking at a problem or determination to reach the perfection in the design.He is a design doer with a design thinking mindset.He trained designers who were freshers and experienced seasoned designers as well. The experimental along with the everlearning mindset helped him advise, out of the box solutions to the clients which not only helped them design a better product but also make them stand out in the competion.He is a great team player who value everyone suggestions and a leader who drives with setting an example.

Arvind Prakash

Co-Founder · HelloFello

August 1, 2022

AI/ML Product Design

I led the design of a no-code ML platform, targeting Business owners and enterprises. This included establishing and growing the design function, redesigning the product and...

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